Telecom Reseller Podcast Interview with Vyopta

Doug Green, publisher of Telecom Reseller podcast, sat down to interview Nick Wiik, Product Manager at Vyopta to discuss our current challenges and look ahead to what comes next when the economy begins to rebound this summer from COVID-19. 


Why does an enterprise need Vyopta?

Collaboration has been front and center. We have a unique perspective where we have seen video on track to triple every 2 years. We have also seen that team numbers are not growing. So how do you maintain an environment where usage is tripling but your team is staying the same? Having a tool that unifies everything and adds incremental value to determine the quality of calls, as well as the analytics that allow you to make smarter financial decisions. Due to the coronavirus, collaboration is now mission critical to businesses, and what Vyopta can do is unify that to really scale this team from a quality and analytics perspective and have everything run smoother.


What types of enterprises do you serve?

Vyopta primarily serves larger enterprises that spend a lot on collaboration therefore they stand to benefit more from scaling the teams that support it and getting the insights out of it. What we have noticed is collaboration and the performance in quality has been so invasive.


Have you released any new product expansion?

In January of 2020, Vyopta announced its now covering voice edge to follow video. Voice centric routing is something we are very excited about. Vyopta can now provide enterprises very deep and rich analytics across voice and video, whether it’s the endpoints, infrastructure, or edge. One thing that Vyopta can uniquely provide: Cloud first type of deployment in terms of consuming our data, and we can now stream live voice data and voice volumes for some of the largest enterprises. Vyopta is able to provide our quality algorithms and let you stream and store all of the data for voice monitoring so that our customers can go in and know how many issues are reported.


As the economy starts to recover from COVID-19, what does that look like from an analytics point?

It will be interesting to see how many people go back to work. There won’t be a one size fits all. Every company will adjust and address the risks differently. Now that so many more employees will be staying home over the summer, they will be looking for how to save money and how we can help look at the physical real estate. Looking at analytics that is updating in real-time is going to be critical in helping their enterprises survive the economic situation. Businesses need to know that their workers are making calls at home and able to work their best. If you can take advantage of the collaboration tools that you already have in place, that is how IT teams will be able to play the hero – they will have to answer the following questions:

  • How is the IT department going to enable the people that come into the office to very clearly communicate with folks staying home?
  • How can IT managers play a role of partnering with finance to take a look at how often rooms are actually being used?


How can you work with Vyopta?

We have a direct sales team that we can direct you to and get you an expert. We also sell through the channel, so a lot of the major technology resellers you can reach out to. Feel free to reach out to us, directly or through enterprise sales. The best place to start is on our website


As part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Vyopta is currently offering a free trial to help IT teams support massive expansion in remote work.