Virtual Enterprise Connect 2020 Webinar Recap

Since Enterprise Connect 2020 was postponed, Matt Stevenson with Vyopta hosted a virtual EC 2020: Vyopta Update for Enterprise Multivendor Remote Workforces on March 31st. The webinar focused on the importance of data in the midst of COVID-19 and beyond.

Matt started off the webinar with a simple question: How much has your company shifted to remote work since COVID-19 restrictions began? The audience answer was not surprising with that more than half of attendees put that their company has shifted to over 75% of people working remotely. This was a great introduction into how Vyopta can help with COVID-19 response and shifting into remote work.

We then continued to deep dive into how Vyopta monitors a massive amount of data and analytics by working with some of the largest companies around the world. The collaboration lifecycle of workplace transformation is something we have seen even before the coronavirus outbreak. As calls come in from remote work employee collaboration is extremely critical. Service and reliability with quality issues is a must during this time.


Why Vyopta?

UC is a critical business service, especially now that we all need to communicate remotely. If someone makes a call, it needs to work well and be a good experience. Having more applications means more monitoring and management and in all of this comes high costs. Are you really getting a good return on your investment? Vyopta gives visibility into all of this. You cannot manage what you cannot see. No matter what vendors you use, Vyopta brings it all together into one system to manage them all. Vyopta’s collaboration performance management (CPM) gives you visibility across meetings and calls for enterprise video and voice. Vyopta’s workspace insights combine calendar and sensor data to optimize space usage.


Vyopta Recent Feature Releases

If you are a Vyopta customer, you get these features immediately. We upgraded how we look at a quality graph. We also launched trunk monitoring where we are monitoring SPCs up-down and the trunks (internal and external) of truck status and amount of calls, as well as quality of calls external and internal. Vyopta is always keeping the users honest. We also made a few recent dashboard improvements where we launched advanced filters for real time data and system wide dashboard sharing.

A second question we polled during the webinar: Have the events of COVID-19 and shift to remote work made you more likely or less likely to move UC components to the cloud? Over 50% of attendees reported they are more likely to move UC components to the cloud.

There has been a huge growth in minutes of our cloud platforms. Lyn Dickerson from the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs states that because of COVID-19 “Our call volume has gone form 325k minutes of usage per day, to now over 1.3 million minutes a day” and Gary Blumberg from a Healthcare organization out of Hartford states “Capacity has increased 600% over the past two weeks.”

Our last poll of the webinar asked the question: What is the biggest issue with UC you have experienced with the shift to remote work? 55% of attendees responded that identifying issues and root causes was the biggest issue with the shift to remote work. It’s super hard to detect these issues without a strong analytics tool.

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