Video Transcript: Vyopta for Microsoft Teams vs. OEM tools

Below is the transcript to the Vyopta for Microsoft Teams vs. OEM tools video with Matt Stevenson. Watch it here.

Hey everybody, Matt Stevenson from Vyopta here with another short video around our launch and support for Microsoft Teams. I love to talk about how OEM tools compare to Vyopta because OEM tools can often provide some data, but this data is very basic. I always say, what can you really do with basic data?

Whether it’s quickly identifying problematic calls or meetings within Microsoft Teams or maybe it’s identifying a deeper issue that might be related to a headset or home network – all as these calls are coming in in near real time – Vyopta enables you to keep a very close eye on every call and meeting so you can keep things running smoothly and keep your whole platform operating effectively when it comes to historical metrics.

What about usage and quality? Again, Microsoft’s built-in tools within the admin center can give you basic data, but most companies need to customize. They need to dig deep in the data. They need to go three levels down in metrics rather than that surface level which Microsoft provides. And we allow you to do all of that, whether it’s usage, whether it’s quality, whether it’s audio versus video calls, whether it’s digging into specific meetings and calls very quickly and easily, whether it’s Microsoft Teams rooms or Surface hubs usage, which Microsoft does not supply on its own today out of the box, that that can help you with all of these things.

And, of course, we can go even deeper than that. I’ve talked about our tagging feature before, where it allows companies to tag devices and users by specific metrics that are relevant to your company. We can allow you to go even deeper with that data, maybe five levels deeper than the surface level that I always like to talk about. So the possibilities are too much to list here in this video. As always, basic is not good enough when it comes to keeping your communications platform running efficiently.

Vyopta helps you do more with your data. More to come on the Microsoft Teams launch video series here. Until then, you can always visit the page below. Until then, we’ll see you soon.