2018 Priorities Survey: We want YOUR opinion!

It’s that time of year! If you’re not already thinking about 2018, you will be soon. Regardless of our levels of attention, the year marches on and seems to move more quickly as the holidays approach.

With the future on our minds, talk around the office has been about what’s in store for the UC&C market. New tools? New ways to communicate? How does the future of work transform how the enterprise does business? How long before the majority of American workers are working remotely?

With this quest for knowledge and insight in mind we decided to turn to you, our industry experts. We created a quick survey to see where you’re headed for 2018 and what’s topping your priority list. We’ll be compiling the answers and sharing our collective insights with everyone.

AND, for your efforts, we’re giving Amazon gift cards to all eligible participants! The details for participation are below.

Ready to share your thoughts with us? Click below and get started!

2018 Survey CTA