Get The Latest Remote Work Survey Results With Vyopta’s Ebook

The workplace of the post-Covid world is bound to be different. Exactly how different is still being determined, but at Vyopta thanks to our recent remote work survey we’ve started to learn what some of the biggest trends are in how knowledge workers will collaborate and create for years to come.

In the new ebook “The Next Phase of Remote Work: Managing UC and Workspaces in the Next Phase of the Pandemic,” responses from hundreds of IT and business professionals show that:

  • workspaces are going to be transformed
  • commercial real estate is headed for disruption
  • unified communications as a service providers have become huge players in the UC sector
  • video capabilities are an absolute must have for companies with any remote work policies

The remote work survey both confirmed some conventional wisdom – especially around the emergence of Zoom as a UCaaS player – and revealed some valuable insights about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on organizations of all sizes. The footprints of many companies are expected to change dramatically in the near future to allow for more social distancing and accommodate more staggered work schedules with fewer people in an office or building at any one time.

That could result in entire floors or buildings taken out of use for some companies, with adaptations including more compartmentalized, smaller work areas and heavier use of video endpoints for remote collaboration even between coworkers who are in the same building.

“Right now, you think of corporate real estate and ask ‘What is our square footage looking like as an organization, and can we cut that spend?” Vyopta’s Nick Wiik said. “You look at what corporations spend money on and it’s people, space and technology. If you need less space, that’s money you can reinvest in marketing and research and development and all sorts of stuff, so having a well-functioning UC enables you to really look at what’s possible in that massive real estate market.”

Chad Swiatecki

Chad Swiatecki is a business writer and journalist whose work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Billboard, New York Daily News, Austin Business Journal, Austin American-Statesman and many other print and online publications. He lives in Austin, Texas and is a graduate of Michigan State University. Find him online on LinkedIn.