Increase productivity with UC & Voice analytics

Today we are entering a new era of computing, the cognitive era, when organizations achieve economic value by embracing all forms of data, advanced analytics, and cognitive computing to outthink their competition, identify new and better business opportunities, and reshape their industry. “


-David Laverty, Chief Marketing Officer and VP, IBM Analytics

Analytics is a core decision-making tool 

Before you make any big decisions, you want to gather the most valuable information possible before making a call. Being able to gather different reviews, perspectives, and ideas is a lot like building a unified communications strategy: you need a little bit of everything to get a more comprehensive picture.

Businesses adhere to a similar methodical approach. Companies can use analytics for UC and voice to make the best possible decisions for their business and boost productivity – the ultimate goal of UC.

How UC analytics boosts productivity

The relationship between analytics and productivity is symbiotic. Without the proper information, no business can make educated decisions that are insightful and actionable.

UC Analytics gives companies the ability to boost their productivity through the management of unified communications systems. Through UC analytics, businesses can use measurable metrics that can help determine causes of problems and monitor opportunities to collaborate – both of which are productivity boosters.

When the parameters surrounding UC are visualized, it is easier for managers to make decisions that boost the productivity of their workforce. Analytics tools make it simpler to spot and fix errors so that the UC systems and infrastructure can be functional with minimal downtime.

Voice analytics provides new productivity avenues

The backbone of voice analytics is call analysis, which analyzes the quality of the end user experience of the call. Call analysis measures the overall quality of the call through metrics like jitter and packet loss to determine if the call was a pleasant or poor experience. When an issue arises in a voice network, knowing exactly how that problem started means it is resolved faster with voice analytics. For businesses with high call volume, these insights are a necessity for troubleshooting and developing productivity.

Vyopta is analytics 

If you think your business could boost its productivity with analytics, look at our UC analytics tools vAnalytics, and try our free demo!

Not ready to make a move? That’s ok, too! Feel free to look around at some of our e-books and infographics to get more information on UC and how you can use it to improve your business.


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