How Large Enterprises Use Videoconferencing [infographic]

Video collaboration professionals from large organizations participated in our mini-survey a week ago (from industry verticals such as healthcare, higher education, oil & gas and technology). We learned a few things about how large enterprises use video conferencing.

The survey was conducted in order to gain valuable insights about the way large companies are using video. Participant job roles ranged from Business Analysts, UCC Designer/ Architects to “IT firefighters” including Unified Communications Managers, Videoconferencing Administrators and Video Systems Engineers. View some of the results in the infographic below.

90% of video collaboration professionals in this survey predict that utilization and adoption of video in their organizations will grow over the next 2 years. 50% of participants expect a video adoption growth rate greater than 50%

Many participants in the survey (75%) reported that they were either not sure or that their organization does NOT track UC / video collaboration initiatives with defined metrics. For Vyopta this is an interesting key takeaway, as part of our mission is to help organizations simplify the way they manage large collaboration networks.

Many organizations are expecting to grow their video adoption and utilization over the next 2 years and can begin to benefit from multivendor collaboration analytics that help them simplify management, improve quality and ROI and optimize their network for better performance. Check out the latest features added to our vAnalytics™ tool designed to help you get the most out of your organization’s video environment. vAnalytics™ is a “single pane of glass” platform that helps you track and measure your adoption and utilization goals.