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Skype Analytics Leads to Better UC Collaboration

There are a lot of people talking about Skype for Business these days (including us). More than 50% of all enterprises have it, and almost everyone has used it at least once. Microsoft is making a major push in enterprise collaboration with Skype for Business and Teams leading the way, and, if rumors are true, the two services may soon become even more integrated.

Key Tips for High Quality Video Conferencing Calls

What is your organization's definition of acceptable video call quality? Video calls used to be confined to high-end meeting rooms and boardrooms, and in those days they got away with relying on packet loss to identify issues. The difference today is that video...

Video conferencing tips to help prevent call failures

Video call fails. We’ve seen it all before: the cat comes into frame, the kids bust down your office door, you fail to notice that pile of laundry in the background of your frame. While these mishaps can make for funny anecdotes later on—the rise of video conferencing...

How room usage data helps with real estate woes

Collaboration space is a Big Problem, and not the way you think Most people think of conference rooms only when they are trying to book one last minute and they find out there aren't any left nearby.  However, the problem is actually the opposite: conference rooms and...