The value of UC monitoring in 2019

“With today’s dynamic, sophisticated environments, IT needs to manage the right thing, and the right thing to manage now is the transaction because that is what most often touches the end user or customer.” ~ Mike Sargent, General Manager, Service Assurance, CA Technologies

All eyes are on you: your executives are in the middle of a meeting with a potential investor and their video call drops. They immediately call back and the call drops again. Their meeting has officially come to an end and you, IT, are called with a barrage of questions as to what caused the issue.

You’re now stuck troubleshooting, going through the codec’s backlogs to try to replicate the case scenario. Now imagine, as you spend x amount of time troubleshooting, other “fires” in the infrastructure are going up with say 10s, 100s, or even 1000s of other problems that need to be fixed ASAP. Think of the high impact this negative scenario can have on your business.

If only there was a way to help better manage your UC environment.

Why UC management matters

With the help of UC service assurance, not only will your time be freed up to focus on other priorities, but your organization’s overall productivity, performance, and quality will improve.

In fact, different forms of collaboration — voice, video, email, content sharing, chat, call center, mobile phone, business applications, social media — added to your organization bring up distinct factors to drive UC implementation:

  1. Enhancing corporate collaboration
  2. Improving time to information
  3. Reducing communication costs
  4. Refining customer engagement (sales and service)
  5. Speeding up workflows
  6. Reducing travel time
  7. Increasing worker agility

UC utilization and management is critical in addressing the varied communication demands of the extended enterprise.

What is Unified Communications service assurance?

UC service assurance is the procedure or set of procedures done to optimize performance and provide management guidance in communications networks, services, and end-user applications.

To put it into simpler terms, if analytics and monitoring had a baby, it would be service assurance. Although, in the broader spectrum, analytics is instead a component of assurance.

Why is UC monitoring, analytics, & assurance high value priorities?

In today’s tech heavy industries, your organization faces the challenge of trying to find a way for employees to gain real-time access to information and people to perform their jobs at more efficiently. Because of this, UC systems are no longer a choice, they’re a necessity. UC tools are now major components that can make it or break it in expanding industries.

With some assistance from UC service assurance, IT is able to monitor and analyze the elements that support your UC environment and how its collaborative service fulfills customer and internal needs. This idea becomes a reality when IT operations can more easily track down the source or problems and reduce system downtime, thus improving end-user experiences.

When adopting a sophisticated UC environment, not only do you need to take the infrastructure and network into account, but also the idea of how to maintain it efficiently. This means that adopting a service assurance model for your IT management will provide IT organizations the tools they need to adapt more quickly to changing technologies as well as increase end-user demand for IT services.


What’s the best way an enterprise can monitor and optimize its Unified Communications (UC)?

As businesses continue to invest more and more in UC, the need to have a sophisticated understanding of one’s UC setup and landscape has become pertinent. For example, if a large enterprise aims to ensure high quality video conferencing capacity across 10 countries and 2,000 potential users, there’s a clear need to have a software in place to measure and optimize UC performance. Enter Vyopta – a software that allows you to monitor your entire UC&C environment and generate insights to improve user experience, grow adoption and optimize your investments. Learn how one global enterprise has grown video collaboration by 44% per year using Vyopta in this free Ebook.


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