UVA Center For Telehealth Utilizes Vyopta Quality Monitoring and Deep Analytics

“Our neurologists diagnose strokes via video in real time by watching eye and hand movement. Video and audio quality are critical to meeting our mission to provide care to the community”

Senior UC Engineer

Building on 20 years of experience in the use of advanced technologies and broadband communications, the UVA Center for Telehealth expands access to specialty medical care and supports the UVA Health System’s efforts to advance clinical services, teaching, research, and public service.

UVA Center for Telehealth provides video access to health services to residents of Virginia including telestroke services.

The Challenge

  • A key challenge to UVA Health is integrating eight different video platforms to connect physicians to patients
  • Because of the emergency nature of telehealth services, tracking video quality during clinical connections is imperative
  • Monitoring the infrastructure to proactively identify and resolve problems before they cause a connection issue is vitally important

Vyopta’s Collaboration and Performance Management (CPM) Platform

The search for a solution led UVA Center for Telehealth to Vyopta’sCollaboration Performance Management (CPM) platform, which is designed to provide a single pane of glass with visibility into the health of the multi-vendor collaboration environment.

  • Vyopta provides the deep level of analytics that are critical to providing life-saving telehealth services to UVA’s patients.
  • Real-time access to quality metrics allow the UC team to stay on top of the health of the collaboration environment
  • Proactive alerts allow them to identify and solve issues before they interrupt an emergency clinical session

The Summary

UVA Center for Telehealth required a solution that allowed them the ability to show ROI on system utilization, provided real-time monitoring of live clinical sessions, and provided real-time alerts of infrastructure problems.

By using Vyopta to improve the performance and reliability of their video services, the UVA Center for Telehealth has been able to extend the reach of their endpoints into the community and greatly increase their capacity for treating patients.


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