Vyopta Unveils Industry Leading UC Optimization Solution

Collaboration Performance Management (CPM) allows UC teams to resolve issues faster, improve efficiency and accelerate new technology adoption

AUSTIN, TX (January 15, 2019) — Vyopta Incorporated, the leading provider of unified communications and collaboration monitoring and analytics solutions, continues its innovation with the next-generational SaaS offering, Collaboration Performance Management (CPM). CPM enables enterprises and managed service providers to ensure UC service reliability, track and maintain visibility throughout technology refreshes, and maximize ROI and operational agility.

Building off the success of Vyopta’s flagship analytics (now, CPM Analytics™) solution, CPM Monitoring™ drastically reduces the time it takes to identify and resolve issues in even the most complex enterprise voice, video and UC environments. CPM Monitoring™ presents data for live and recent calls, such as health status and detailed quality metrics of multi-vendor, multi-device UC call and conference technologies (from on-premise to cloud, from new to legacy environments). CPM Monitoring™ SaaS solution is readily accessible in a single interface to UC administrators and engineers, to maintain reliable service levels across an enterprise.

“The ability to rewind the clock to visualize key metrics and troubleshoot or solve issues that have happened in the past, in conjunction with real-time monitoring sets Vyopta apart from the other UC solutions in the marketplace,” says Bryan Klementisz, Senior UC Engineer. “CPM is a game changer since it saves immense amounts of time on the labor intensive tasks required to manage and support a large enterprise-class UC environment.”

By allowing users to easily locate calls and accurately diagnose issues, the new CPM Monitoring™ helps UC teams reduce mean to time resolution (MTTR), assign fixes to the right teams, decrease the number of service desk tickets, and transition from reactive firefighting to proactive UC performance management. New and enhanced capabilities include:

Expanded voice support for more complete UC coverage

  • Easily accessible, parsed and enhanced Call Detail Records (CDRs) and Call Management Records (CMRs) to simplify troubleshooting workflow
  • Enhanced peripherals in conference rooms alerting and monitoring
  • Detailed, interactive time-series charts for presentation, video, audio quality including packet loss, jitter, bandwidth, frame rate, and resolution (for determining whether cause is user error, network or infrastructure)
  • Ability to see both live calls and rewind the clock to investigate recent past calls
  • Flexible data retention duration options to troubleshoot

“CPM is big step for Vyopta to help enterprises and managed services providers of any size improve the quality and adoption of how their users collaborate, regardless of whether they use voice, video and UC technologies,” says Subo Guha, VP Product, Vyopta. “Similar to Application Performance Management (APM), CPM will become a leading category of products to automate and improve Information Technology operations.”

CPM is available now as a suite of products through Vyopta and a range of partners, including Cisco, with the option to purchase the monitoring and analytics modules separately.