Zoom forward to better collaboration

If you’ve had your ear to ground, listening for the latest news in the world of UC, you’ve certainly heard Zoom mentioned more than once. Zoom is a software company that offers an amalgamation of cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging on a single user-friendly platform.

Zoom’s secret sauce

In 2011, Eric Yuan and other seasoned leaders and engineers from Cisco and WebEx came together with a vision to develop a people-centric cloud service. Their innovative mindset included transforming user experience in real-time collaboration and improving the effectiveness and quality of connecting.

Fast forward 6 years to today, Zoom provides one of the best video, audio, and screen-sharing experiences across multiple conference and room systems including Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Zoom rooms, and H.323 / SIP. This phenomenal platform has been engineered and optimized to work reliably with one consistent enterprise experience–no matter who uses it.

It’s no wonder 650,000+ companies trust Zoom as their video and web conferencing vendor with all the collaboration tools and features they make available!

All of the accolades

As Zoom’s product offerings continue to expand, recognition of their easy-to-use platform has earned them numerous accolades and partnerships. Some to count include being named the New Leader in the 2016 Gartner Web Conferencing Magic Quadrant as well as being the Inflow Analysis Market Compass for Webinar Leader.

Recently, Zoom moved up 66 spots in the Forbes annual Cloud 100 List on July 11, 2017, landing at the No. 18 spot. This tremendous jump is due to Zoom’s near 300% revenue growth in 2016.

“The Cloud 100 reflects the hottest companies in tech’s hottest sector, the cloud. Members of the second annual Cloud 100 list today will be tomorrow’s major IPOs and acquisitions, driving forward not just the tech sector but also the many industries that make up their customers.” ~ Alex Konrad, list editor at Forbes

For valuable partnerships, Zoom acquired a $100M investment with their top venture capital firm partner, Sequoia, during their January 2017 funding round and release of Zoom 4.0. This alliance was made to give developers the opportunity to create, embed, and integrate more features for you to have a more authentic and higher-quality experience within your collaboration environment.

How Vyopta’s partnership with Zoom can help you

As of March 2017, another valuable partner of Zoom’s is Vyopta. In response to our enterprise customer demands, we integrated Zoom’s analystics into Vyopta’s vAanlytics platform  which allows you to monitor, alert, and analyze the performance of your entire video environment on one system. This means that Vyopta can help you proactively keep your Zoom environment running smoothly so that when there is a hiccup within your collaboration system, you can troubleshoot the issue and run a report about your environment’s happenings later.

To learn more about how Vyopta can help improve your video / UC environment, whether it be Zoom, Cisco, Microsoft, Polycom, or another vendor, click here to get a FREE UC assessment.

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