Multi-Vendor UC: Polycom, Webex, Zoom Monitoring with Vyopta

Zoom, Webex and Skype for Business monitoring in one place

UC as a Service (UCaaS) is changing the face of collaboration and allowing companies to move faster than ever in enabling the work of the future. Last year, Zoom lead this movement and grew their video collaboration platform by 215% in overall usage to over 15 BILLION minutes per year. Way to blow the market’s hair back, Zoom. What’s more impressive is the “why” behind the growth. Zoom is growing because they make it so simple to collaborate in anywhere at any time. This is why we are so happy to announce that Vyopta has integrated Zoom data into our vAnalytics product. As of today, you can use Vyopta to manage Zoom alongside other key players in the collaboration market including Cisco, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Skype for Business, Polycom, and more. Now, more than ever, Vyopta can help enterprises grow collaboration by making their environment simpler to manage.


Simplifying usage and management is key to unlocking growth in collaboration for today’s enterprise. It’s the only way to overcome the challenge of scaling a variety of collaboration tools across large, diverse, and distributed teams.

Since Vyopta customers can now integrate Zoom call usage and performance data, IT teams can now compare Zoom to other cloud technologies. For the first time, organizations can analyze the impact of Zoom on their set of collaboration technologies.

There are many reasons why enterprises own a variety of collaboration tools; geographic distribution, IT organizational structure, corporate policies (or lack thereof), historical investments, mergers & acquisitions, or just plain size. No matter how the building of a “collaboration stack” happened, IT teams are challenged by technical barriers between vendors and platforms to get the reports and insights they need to make good business decisions and fix call problems. Vyopta is the only tool available to help overcome these barriers so that IT teams can focus on what matters: supporting the growth of collaboration.

In addition to having great adoption, Zoom also has a Developer API platform. All in all, it was a very rapid process to integrate Zoom data into vAnalytics. We started the process last month and we are happy to announce our first release of Zoom data integration less than two months later. 

So, let me recap. Zoom is a solid collaboration product, users are adopting like crazy. In a recent CNBC article, Zoom was referred to the first “unicorn” in the cloud collaboration industry since they were cash-flow positive a when they received their series D investment from Sequoia Capital for over $100M. We tip our hat to you, Zoom. This is quite an achievement for a company that launched only 6 years ago.

Zoom and Vyopta will be constantly working to develop new features to help simplify and grow collaboration. Today, we are happy to start helping customers evaluate Zoom alongside all their other collaboration technologies.