Vyopta and Webex Control Hub are Better Together

Kamalina Czerniak

Kamalina Czerniak

Product Marketing

In this past webinar, we spoke with CDW about best practices around Webex technology adoption, and what data-driven insights are needed to support success.  To manage your deployment of Webex, you need a combination of solutions to help you manage performance and to provision and manage your deployment itself.

Here are some key reasons why you need Vyopta in the mix and why Vyopta and ControlHub are better together:

Your environment doesn’t only consist of Webex.

This is why you need a holistic solution that provides visibility across all of the vendors and technologies in your environment.  Vyopta can provide visibility across all modalities, including voice, video, and messaging, as well as a multitude of technologies from Cisco (including CUCM, Jabber, Cisco Meeting Server, VCS, TMS) and other vendors such as Microsoft, Zoom, BlueJeans, Pexip, Poly, and more.

Your environment includes meeting capabilities from On-Prem and Webex Cloud and need Service Quality information from all paths a call may have traversed. The majority of customers have a hybrid environment which include On-Premise solutions like Cisco Meeting Server, or VCS. Vyopta can provide visibility across the entire enterprise as well as outside to get an accurate understanding of the anatomy and cause of a bad call. Control Hub users can now have an-end -o end visibility beyond Webex to determine issues across the enterprise and for on-premise UC devices or cloud connected endpoints for any vendor. 

You need to be proactive to maintain UC service reliability and quality.

Less than 10% of call issues are reported by end users.  68% of companies say that user experience is the main reason for low adoption rates, and companies who have higher quality experience 3.5 times increased UC technology adoption.  If you are only working to solve the small subset of issues that get reported, you are missing the more than 90% that end up directly impacting your business, costing you expensive employee time, and preventing adoption of your expensive UC investments.  This is why Vyopta’s sophisticated alerting engine, which can trigger notifications off of any measured metric and send them to anyone or any ITSM system of your choice, can help.

Vyopta’s highly customizable alerting engine is best in class and enables various thresholds to be set to become more proactive in monitoring. This allows Control Hub users to have a much more intelligent flexible alerting capabilities for Webex, Cisco on premise solutions as well as other vendor UC tools your may have.

Control Hub users can dramatically augment their performance management needs with Vyopta’s CPM Analytics solution which contains multi-year data to create on-the-fly dashboards for systemic quality and anomaly detection. This power analytics engine can also be customized to analyze trends by location, technology and other variables.

You need a solution that extends beyond tech to overall collaboration.

UC is only one part of the overall collaboration story.  Having a solution that takes into account people and space in additional to technology is critical to ensuring overall success of any UC program.  Where are the video endpoints deployed (and how much does that room’s real estate cost), which departments are using the technology, which locations are having the most issues.  By extending beyond just the UC perspective, you can put all of the data in the context of your organization, and make it relevant and meaningful.

Workplace transformation by optimizing your workspace utilization and room activities is becoming a business mandate. With Vyopta you can avail of deep level analytics of overall room utilization of video conference rooms to huddle rooms. Also gain insight how your employees are using the room for video, voice, presentation or no technology to assess configuration optimization of rooms and huddle areas. Control Hub customers can avail of Vyopta’s Workspace Insights solution to further understand visibility of room utilization, eliminate ghost meetings and improve overall technology spend of UC in entire workspaces.

To learn more about Vyopta CPM and Workspace Insights, take the guided tour.