March Product Update: User Tab, WebEx, BlueJeans and Participant Count

Another month, another batch of updates have been added. This time we have some pretty exciting stuff.

In-Call PeopleCount for Meetings

Futuristic Endpoints that are available today can actually count the number of people that are present in the room.  Kind of creepy, but also very cool if you are wondering how many people are attending your meetings either virtually or physically. This data also has very interesting applications for Room planning, AV investments, and Facilities managers who want to know if they deployed the right number of the right size of conference rooms. They can then use that data to plan future upgrades and renovations.

User Tab (Beta)

One big step towards achieving our future vision of being a single dashboard for collaboration is being able to analyze around the concept of users.  The world of collaboration has changed, and enterprises need a new perspective in order to fully understand that change. Collaboration used to revolve around endpoints and licenses, but now the central concepts are Users and Rooms. Often, Users are sold licenses for multiple devices, personal VMRs, and mobile access as well. More importantly, it is critical to understand how people are using the technology because the ways it can be used have expanded so dramatically thanks to the pervasiveness of cameras, mobile devices, and high speed internet.  Finally, it is important to have Users so you can apply other properties to them that you can’t apply to licenses; such as department, role, or other details.

That’s why we built the User tab in our product to accommodate analysis for users who have multiple devices assigned to them.  We currently enable companies to gather data from multiple systems including LDAP/Active Directory, Call Manager, and other management systems.  We then aggregate data based on the email address so that you can see how users are meeting, calling, and messaging each other.

Our first release of this feature only includes WebEx data, but we will be adding more very rapidly in the near future.  Stay tuned!

WebEx data in Advanced Analytics

We have many customers who use Vyopta to analyze their WebEx usage to make better decisions about licensing and audio costs.  This used to be in a separate module in our product because the way WebEx reported data was different from other platforms. However, we have completed the integration of WebEx (thanks in part to our creation of the User tab) data into our main Advanced Analytics module.  You can now see Host and Meeting data from WebEx alongside all your other collaboration platforms.  We have not added any information around WebEx Messenger, Storage, or Event/Training Center usage. This still only covers WebEx Meeting Center information.

Optimize Licensing

For more information on how to take advantage of your WebEx data – read this blog.

BlueJeans support

BlueJeans is one of the leaders in cloud meeting solutions, and a great partner to work with as well. We are happy to announce that customers with BlueJeans can now integrate that data with the rest of their collaboration in order to get comprehensive reports on adoption and performance. Here is a peek at what that looks like!

Polycom/Plantronics Resource Manager Status – We can now monitor the Up/Down status of Polycom Resource Manager.