September Product Updates: SIP Trunk Capacity and Flexible KPIs

It’s been a busy month!  While making the monumental investment in supporting Skype for Business (soon to be Microsoft Teams), our development team also snuck in a few updates that should help you improve and grow your organization’s unified communication and collaboration (UC&C).

Here is a short video!

SIP Trunk Capacity

We just added the capability to track concurrent calls in every SIP trunk monitored by Cisco Unified Communication Manager (UCM). You can now see the concurrent calls through each SIP trunk as captured every 10 minutes and displayed in a chart in our Capacity tab of the advanced analytics tool.

SIP Trunk capacity dashboard screenshot

Future coverage will include other types of trunks commonly used for communication, such as, but not limited to:

  • H323
  • MCGP
  • PRI

Stay tuned for more coverage updates!

Flexible KPIs

I’m also excited to introduce a feature that will help make more impactful and flexible dashboards for a wide variety of uses.  We have made it possible to create KPIs for nearly any metric that we analyze.


In this example, I’ve set up a Performance Dashboard (called “Issues”) and added several KPIs around call connection issues and call quality. BUT I want to know how many total bad video calls I have had over any period of time.  This GIF will show you how to create that KPI. You can now create Key Performance Indicators for every metric, and I suggest adding a few to all of your dashboards.

We have plenty more in store next month, and we’ll be sure to send an update then!

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