Video Transcript: Vyopta Announces Support for Microsoft Teams

Below is the transcript to our Microsoft Teams Support announcement with Matt Stevenson. Watch it here.

Hey everybody, Matt Stevenson from Vyopta here, and today I’m super excited to be talking about Vyopta’s official announcement and launch for support for Microsoft Teams in our monitoring and analytics platform.

I’m guessing most of you probably have a diverse ecosystem with lots of different components around your Microsoft Teams deployment. Vyopta has been supporting and helping our customers solve problems for years around all these ecosystem components, one being end points for that high-quality experience into meetings and calls for Microsoft Teams.

Another being interoperability platforms, which are crucial for a Microsoft Teams deployment, to be able to connect to external parties on other platforms and systems. And finally, session border controllers, which are of course super important when it comes to getting that connectivity to your Microsoft Teams of deployment out to Europe.

All of this is extremely important from a monitoring and analytics perspective. And now, of course, today I’m excited Microsoft Teams support is coming into the picture and Vyopta is able to give you great insight and visibility into all of these components, into your environment, of course, along with Microsoft Teams. We’ve got a lot more to talk about and more to come around our Microsoft Teams launch.

You can learn more about our support for Microsoft Teams below,  and I’ll be here again with some more information real soon.