Vyopta enters FedRAMP market to improve digital experience

With Vyopta recently achieving  U.S. Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Authority To Operate, it now has the ability to help government agencies make continuous improvements to how they operate.

The selective authorization puts Vyopta at a higher level in securely providing experience optimization, and assures public and private clients in all sectors that they can securely have their meeting quality and usage data analyzed to improve performance.

Alfredo Ramirez, Vyopta’s co-founder and CEO, said that there is huge potential for increased performance for federal agencies looking to move to the cloud for more of their operational needs. Having Vyopta’s insights on how well unified communication and collaboration tools are performing gives those organizations, thanks to the FedRAMP authorization, an option that has been available in the private sector for years.

“Vyopta offers this great capability to manage digital experience of users so they can collaborate more effectively and efficiently. We wanted to make this available for the Federal Government, too. They have a business to run. They should be as efficient as the commercial space,” Ramirez said.

“Organizations are trying to leverage the cloud for obvious reasons. It’s more efficient, there’s less cost per unit of compute time and storage, and there are more capabilities that are available throughout time. Whereas on-premises software typically gets updated and installed every six to 12 months, with the cloud your applications are being updated daily, weekly, biweekly, maybe worst case monthly. Moving away from that you get the positive aspects of not only U.S. enabling government agencies to collaborate more effectively and efficiently, but now they get the continual improvements and insights for them to continue to improve as well.”

FedRAMP authorization offers improvements for government operations

Vyopta’s U.S. federal government customers include the General Services Administration, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Department of Veterans Affairs, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the Federal Reserve System, U.S. Senate and U.S. Courts. With all quality and usage data now available in a single pane of glass, those agencies and others who join in the future will have the ability to make improvements to their multi-vendor environments not available with the data and analytics produced with siloed OEM tools provided by Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other leaders that can’t analyze across different tools.

Attaining the authorization that was based in large part on security of data was one of the most demanding efforts for Vyopta’s product and engineering teams to date.

Ramirez said meeting the demands for FedRAMP authorization gives Vyopta a seal of approval that will be valuable in many other sectors, including financial services, where security is the deal-breaking must have guarantee for vendors.

“Our security posture improved a lot and now, really, there’s nothing to stop us serving the rest of the world’s high security environments. On our commercial cloud we can accelerate now releasing functionality going forward as well since we’ve got a standard architecture that was refined with the help of the government,” he said.

“We can now take it to financial services institutions and show them we’ve made this investment to serve the federal government. We are leveraging the security capabilities with our partner cloud that you should feel comfortable allowing Vyopta to provide not only the capabilities that they’re subscribing to get from us, but that environment will be secure as well.”

The authorization is a new point of pride for everyone at Vyopta who helped to make it happen.

“Federal government agencies and other highly regulated industries are accelerating their move to using cloud services, and security is of the utmost importance in this process,” said Jerome Brock, Information Security Officer at Vyopta. “The FedRAMP ATO achievement is a testament to Vyopta’s commitment to security for federal agencies and all other organizations around the world.”

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Chad Swiatecki

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