What is CPM?

For nearly 11 years, Vyopta built, nurtured and updated its’ flagship product, vAnalytics. Our monitoring and analytics tool has helped large organizations manage and support video conferencing across all the most popular video technologies, helping to improve on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments. Alongside the rules of evolution, we found ourselves needing and wanting to offer more for our customers and we built Collaboration Performance Management also known as CPM.

vAnalytics, Re-Imagined

First, it’s important to address that our analytics product hasn’t disappeared. We’ve simply enhanced it to better fit end users, and re-imagined it to provide the best user experience possible. We’ve had this product for years and we’ve compiled feedback from our users, so re-imagining it to be a part of the CPM suite, was our opportunity to make it shine.

The new CPM Analytics™ module enables organizations to keep on top of UC service quality, ensure successful UC adoption and intelligently manage capacity while planning UC spend. Users are able to take the historical trends, performance data and usage insights that Vyopta provides and keep on top of UC service quality, ensuring successful UC adoption across the board. As before with vAnalytics, the CPM Analytics™ module allows users to:

  • Better understand user adoption
    • Using CPM Analytics™ allows users to analyze user trends and improve user experience. By demonstrating the impact of new investments and the ability to track usage and ROI across technologies, companies are no longer forced to guesstimate if their collaboration investments are working and worth the cost. Companies now get the opportunity to answer the endless we need more collaboration equipment with an informed response.
  • Analyze capacity and licensing trends
    • Analyzing capacity and trends starts with understanding capacity and license utilization over time. Companies aren’t forced to search through a black hole wondering how they should be planning – understanding trends and the seasonality of certain heavy collaboration time periods simplifies operational planning without the complexity that’s usually involved in understanding trends.
  • Uncover and resolve systemic problems
    • If getting ahead of the issue is always the preferred method when it comes to a UC engineer or IT professionals wish list, then CPM Analytics™ delivers. Users are able to visualize call failure, identify remediation actions and track improvement over time, all of which improve uptime and make the UC/IT team a real life superhero.
  • Save time through automated reporting
    • Building, saving and sending relevant reports has never been easier, any long standing vAnalytics fan will agree.

CPM Monitoring™, the Big Brother to Analytics

While analytics gives our users actionable insights into their collaboration technology, we wanted our users to be able to easily troubleshoot, proactively manage UC performance, and isolate root cause. Simply put – managing performance across enterprise UC deployments doesn’t have to be as complex as it seems. Vyopta wanted to simplify the process and with the CPM Monitoring™ module, we’ve made performance metrics available in a single interface for all audio and video calls. Which mean, UC engineers don’t have to spend time filtering through what the problem was screen by screen. Time saver, check.

Perhaps the biggest feature our users were clamoring for is the ability to rewind the clock.  CPM Monitoring™ allows users to get deep quality and health metrics fast by exploring detailed call quality charts. What used to take up to 24 hours to see past data, now only takes minutes to see a call that just happened, allowing for engineers to better diagnose issues. Additionally, CPM Monitoring™ allows users to:

  • Easily locate every call in one place
    • No more searching through various screens and products. Users can trust one source of truth to easily filter and find specific calls.
  • Quickly understand call and infrastructure status
    • Without a product like CPM, pinpointing problems across your entire environment could take anywhere from hours to days depending on the complexity of the environment. CPM pinpoints problems in seconds, monitoring live and recent calls all in one place.
  • Detect problematic calls immediately
    • Preventing disruptions and transforming UC operations to go from a reactive standpoint to proactive isn’t impossible. With CPM, users can generate threshold specific notifications that configure UC specific alerts, which makes preparing for future issues a breeze.

Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, CPM wasn’t either. We’ve been dreaming this up for years, waiting for the perfect time to launch and at the beginning of 2019, we were ready. While a complex UC environment isn’t always the easiest thing to manage, it’s not impossible. With CPM we’ve empowered our users to get the most out of their investments, and we’re helping to ensure that a flawless collaboration isn’t just the stuff dreams are made of.

Are you ready to defy increasing UC complexity? See how CPM can help you!