A Few Enhancements to Help You Grow Video Conferencing Usage

Hello, video conferencing and collaboration analytics users!

This month we’re hard at work once again creating more valuable reports and analytics to help you grow your video usage. You may have noticed a few changes that have already been put in place, but here is an overview of what’s new and what you might not have noticed.

To take advantage of these updates, you’ll need to download and install the latest Data Collector.

We’ve made a lot of progress on our major update of historical analytics and on some UX improvements. Here are the highlights:

Real Time Monitoring & Alerts Updates

  • We are now monitoring Cisco TelePresence Server (TPS) bridges and can pull the same details on participants, bandwidth, resolution, and call quality across audio, video, and content sharing. You can see these updates in the Active VMR section of Real Time Monitoring and Alerts.

  • Negotiated Call Rates are now included in Call Quality statistics. This was a feature request we were happy to include this month.

  • More accurate Pexip License and Capacity Reporting. We added rules to monitor media load and license capacity and eliminated expired licenses for Pexip.

  • More accurate Acano License and Capacity Reporting. We also worked with Acano to count HD Port usage in addition to CoSpace and Participant counts in order to more accurately reflect licensing and resource usage.


Analytics for WebEx 

  • More efficient data collection and staging.  Our improved data management makes our analytics engine more efficient to support the growth in customers and data we are collecting.

vAnalytics Historical

  • Enhanced Pexip Reporting. We added reporting for more Participant types to include MSSIP (Lync), WebRTC, and more. We also improved our license counting accuracy.

  • Enhanced Acano Reporting. We added the Packet Loss Duration Percentage column to the call Details section to help identify call quality in Acano.

Stay tuned for more updates (especially in October) and please pass this along to the video administrator in your organization.