Trademark Guidelines
We have provided these guidelines to help ensure that trademarks for our company are properly displayed and protected across our customer and partner ecosystem.  There are several important reasons for our trademark guidelines, which include:

  • We want our brand and brand names to be associated with our awesome analytic and monitoring tools. The more clarity in the use of the brand, the more powerful it will be in the community.
  • We have several partners and potentially more people who may build upon our platform or become ambassadors of Vyopta and our products. These guidelines help with marketing, design and branding for third-party products that (1) complement the Vyopta product “family”, and (2) are distinct from from Vyopta products and brands while remaining part the Vyopta community.
  • We also want to avoid potential conflicts and confusing with customers that might arise. If our brand is not clearly differentiated, our potential customers may struggle to identify what is an official Vyopta product or service.  We publish these guidelines to help ensure that customers can be confident that they are buying Vyopta products and services.

Our Trademarks
Vyopta has registered some of the trademarks below or has otherwise sought protection as indicated below.

You may use the Vyopta trademarks below in any blog, news article, or on your website without our written consent, as long as you use them according to this guideline, retain the capitalization structure indicated below, and retain the ® symbol or TM symbol as applicable on the right shoulder of the mark according to the usage in the list below.

Term Status Use
Vyopta ® Computer software company, logo and its products / services
CPM Monitoring ® Real time monitoring system for video and unified communications
CPM Analytics ® Historical analytics for video and unified communications
vAnalytics Historical analytics and real time monitoring system for video and unified communications

If you have any questions about the use of Vyopta trademarks, please contact us at [email protected].

Our logos
Vyopta logos are distinctive graphic renditions. You may use the Vyopta logo or product logos in a blog or news article, publication, book or other online or offline medium, or on your website in reference to the respective Vyopta product, without our written consent, provided that the logos are duplicated exactly as shown in the preceding link, and the ® symbol (or the TM symbol, as applicable) attached to the shoulder of the logo as in the attached link is retained. All other usages of the Vyopta logos require the written approval of Vyopta.

If you have any questions about the use of Vyopta marks or logos, please contact us at [email protected].

Third-party Trademarks
Vyopta products and services work with a host of different manufacturers.  It is important to note that these manufacturers and their products may have trademarks associated with them.  We strive to make our use of their trademarks conform to their guidelines.  The following is a list of third-party trademarks:

WebEx® is a registered trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc.