Vyopta for Cisco PCA Customers

End of life for Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance & Analytics (PCA) is coming soon. Vyopta has it covered.

Vyopta helps organizations keep collaboration working by resolving service quality issues before they affect end users. Special pricing available for current Cisco PCA subscribers.

Five Reasons

Vyopta is the right choice to replace Cisco Prime Collaboration & Analytics (PCA)

1   Inventory management via a single pane of glass for Cisco and Multi-vendor UC
2   Monitoring of live and recently ended voice calls
3   Proactive alerting of issues for better health and performance monitoring
4   Ability to identify systemic performance issues to mitigate risks
5   Custom tagging to create actionable reports that can be mailed to anyone in the organization for better executive visibility

“Administrators must have the ability to continue to monitor and manage their Unified Communications deployments with both existing and future products and software. So, they should begin planning their migration and transition to an alternative to PCA now.”

Wade Hamblin, Director of Product Management, Cisco

Vyopta for Cisco PCA Replacement

Proactive Assurance

Comprehensive diagnostic tools and reports to ensure quality services for voice and video

Customizable Dashboards

See a customizable real time view of quality across all calls and meetings

Voice Monitoring

Monitor live and recently ended voice calls, and get a live view of overall health across voice calling

Endpoint/Phone Monitoring

Track the status of endpoint peripherals: display, camera, microphone, touchpad

CDR Search

Save countless hours of troubleshooting time with CPM’s easy-to-use CDR capabilities

Trunks / SIP Trunk Monitoring

Quality metrics for individual leg – within network and to outside PSTN provider

Intelligent Monitoring Engine

Configure an unlimited number of alerts: 60 metrics, 350 filters → limitless possibilities

Actionable Analytics

Historical information and key performance indicators that enable IT network teams to analyze trends for capacity planning, resource optimization and Quality of Service

Industry-leading Business Intelligence

Single-pane-of-glass for Cisco and multi-vendor UC

Automated Reporting

Build, save and send relevant reports to anyone, anytime

Actionable Reports and Custom Tagging

Easily sort, analyze, and compare utilization data by key metrics

Technology Adoption & Usage

Visualize and understand UC utilization by technology or modality, and track migrations to new UC technologies

Services Experience

Identify systemic performance issues to mitigate risks

Capacity Planning and Analysis

Improve operational planning by better predicting capacity and growth needs

License Management

Ensure you’re only paying for the licenses you use by understanding usage trunk and capacity system limits and peak concurrent utilization

The end of Cisco PCA has been long known with the end of sale of most SKUs for PCA now slated for this October and end of support coming on Oct. 31, 2024. While Cisco does not have a replacement product in line for PCA, Vyopta has been recommended as a preferred vendor for Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance and Analytics.

Receive six months of no-cost subscription service from Vyopta when you license Vyopta for a 2 or more year subscription.*

*Exclusively for existing PCA Customers:

Receive an additional six month subscription at no cost, when purchasing Vyopta Collaboration Performance Management software for a one, three or five year subscription. The purchase must occur in the calendar year 2022 to qualify.

Take advantage of a no cost Proof of Concept trial to confirm that the Vyopta platform will fully meet your requirements.

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Get Started with Vyopta

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Get Started with Vyopta

Learn more with a demo.

Get Started
with Vyopta

Learn more with a demo.