Cisco Monitoring, Reporting, & Analytics with Vyopta

Proactively monitor your entire Cisco UC environment, increase user adoption, and improve ROI for your Cisco investments and collaboration spaces.

Comprehensive monitoring and analytics for Cisco UC&C technologies

Vyopta gives you visibility into the health of your entire Cisco collaboration deployment (including endpoints, bridges, expressways, software clients), so that you can proactively avert disruptions and troubleshoot issues with calls and meetings. With Vyopta, you can also make data-driven decisions to optimize your collaboration spaces, increase adoption, and improve overall ROI of your real estate and technology.

Proactively manage performance across your Cisco portfolio from a single interface
Whether voice or video, Vyopta provides a single interface to monitor all of your Cisco call and meeting platforms, with health dashboards, sophisticated alerting, and in-depth real-time and historical analytics .

Gain visibility into how Cisco products are used across departments and locations
Vyopta helps UC teams dig into adoption and usage patterns in order to improve user experience and make Cisco products work for their organization’s needs.

Leverage latest sensor capabilities within Cisco products to increase insights
Many Cisco endpoints include sensors for People Count & Presence, and Vyopta is the only solution that allows you to leverage this data to understand conference room and huddle space usage without adding costly specialty sensors.

Truly understand collaboration needs to intelligently invest in the future
Better plan real estate buildouts and redeploy technology to the right spaces to match usage and needs with Vyopta’s Workspace Insights.

Gain confidence in choosing the right technology partner
Vyopta is a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner, and the partnership between our companies ensures that you always get support for the latest and greatest Cisco collaboration products and features.

Extend Coverage Across Your Whole UC Environment
You need to ensure a great experience for your users, but those calls and meetings include technologies beyond Cisco. Vyopta has you covered with our unified visibility across your mixed, multi-vendor hybrid environment.

Cisco Infrastructure / Cloud Service:


Direct Endpoint Monitoring:

  • C Series (C20, C40, C60, C90)
  • DX Series (DX70, DX80)
  • SX Series (SX10, SX20, SX80)
  • E Series (E20)
  • EX Series (EX60, EX90)
  • IX/TX Immersive Systems
  • MX Series (MX200, MX300, MX700, MX800)
  • Webex Room Kit

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