Microsoft Skype for Business

Monitoring and analytics across video, voice, and messaging.
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Vyopta monitors your Microsoft Skype for Business deployments, allowing teams to troubleshoot quality and failed calls, while also allowing IT to analyze enterprise-wide utilization and performance metrics over time.

Simplify UC Monitoring

One source of truth across vendors and collaboration modes.

Improve Call Quality

Identify, troubleshoot and resolve issues rapidly and proactively.

Improve ROI and Usage

Insights to optimize spend and ensure successful tech refreshes.

Session Analysis Across Collaboration Modes

Perform detailed analysis and generate reports on video, audio, instant messaging (IM), app sharing screen shares, and file transfer sessions.

Manage Performance to Improve Enterprise Collaboration

Vyopta allows Skype administrators to proactively identify performance issues with monitoring, alerts, and advanced analytics. By combining live and historical data from sources such as Skype LcsCDR, Skype QoEMetrics, SDN API, hardware endpoints, and other gateways/bridges, Vyopta helps support teams to quickly analyze and improve the quality of experience delivered to users.

Track and Report on Adoption and Usage Statistics

Flexible analytics, custom reporting, and business data integration make it easy to identify adoption trends and understand your Skype use-cases. With Vyopta, you can easily access statistics related to point-to-point (P2P) calling and AVMCU Meetings, as well as create and share reports that are meaningful to your key stakeholders.

Maintain Seamless Visibility Through Technology Refreshes

Whether your organization plans to quickly adopt Microsoft Teams or continue using Skype for Business, Vyopta’s multi-vendor and multi-technology approach helps you maintain visibility into usage, performance and quality throughout technology migrations and transitions.

Technical Details and Requirements

Supported platforms include:

  • Skype for Business Server 2016 and newer
  • All available Lync and Skype Clients
    (For monitoring support, Skype clients need to be on v16 or above)
  • Skype for Business SDN API version 2.1 and newer