Pexip Video Analytics & Monitoring

The best way to monitor, support, and optimize your Pexip video technology.

Monitor your Pexip video technology.

  • Infrastructure
    Track performance of Pexip Infinity calls, meetings, and users.
  • Endpoints
    Track key metrics on all endpoints (hardware, software, etc.)
  • Registered Devices
    Analyze historical and real time metrics for devices registered to Pexip.

Improve user experience.

  • Real Time Monitoring
    The only tool on the market with comprehensive real time monitoring, alerts and call quality metrics (e.g., packet loss, jitter) for Pexip VMRs.
  • Alerts
    Set alerts to detect any performance, capacity, and availability issues.
  • Call Performance Trends
    Use historical analytics to track call quality trends and identify improvement opportunities.

Reach adoption goals and expand your Pexip network efficiently.

  • Adoption Trends
    Analyze historical trends for users, utilization, and capacity (licensing) to understand the drivers of adoption.
  • Actionable insights
    Review data at a company level as well as more actionable organization-level reporting (e.g., business unit, department, geography).
  • Understand Performance
    Use historical analytics to track call quality and identify your biggest device and network problems.


  • Use a single system to monitor multi-vendor networks.
    vAnalytics is the only product that provides a single system for enterprises to monitor multi- vendor video environments, ideal for enterprises that use Pexip alongside technology from Cisco, Polycom, Skype for Business and Vidyo.

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