Creating a WebEx View-Only Administrator for Vyopta (Webex)


Welcome to the Vyopta training module for creating a WebEx read-only administrator. The first step in activating your Vyopta Analytics for WebEx is creating this account, which provides access to your WebEx instance. Let’s get started!

For demonstration purposes, I’ll be using Vyopta’s WebEx instance to provide a step-by-step guide for setup. Your WebEx may have single sign-on enabled, which is pretty common. To get around this, you can navigate to the root host URL and add /admin. As seen here:

That allows us to bypass the Single Sign-on front end and, if someone is a WebEx site administrator, they can now directly login to site administration.

It’s worth noting that any site administrator can access your WebEx instance in this manner. So if your SSO ever has issues, you can always go around it!

Now that we’re logged in, we can create the new Read-Only Administrator.

To create the account, let’s select the User Management tab on the left and click Add-User. When creating this administrator account, we only need read access (shown here as Site Admin – View only).

For the first name, we’ll put ‘Vyopta’ and for the last name we’ll put ‘Analytics’.

Next, we’ll set the username field as We’ll also set the email as the same

Next, you’ll set a password that will be shared with us here at Vyopta, so make sure to hang on to it.

Finally, you’ll scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Add.

And That’s it! Simply note those credentials or include them on the Vyopta WebEx integration sheet. User permissions should not need to be adjusted but if you have any questions… please feel free to reach out by emailing We’ll be happy to help!

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