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Webex capabilities: new enhanced features with CPM analytics & monitoring

Cisco recently announced a big expansion of their Webex product by integrating their Spark application under the Webex name and showing some cool new features. This is perfect timing, because we are also expanding our support of Webex and integrating the service into our Advanced Analytics module!

Skype Analytics Leads to Better UC Collaboration

There are a lot of people talking about Skype for Business these days (including us). More than 50% of all enterprises have it, and almost everyone has used it at least once. Microsoft is making a major push in enterprise collaboration with Skype for Business and Teams leading the way, and, if rumors are true, the two services may soon become even more integrated.

April Product Update

Sorry for the late homework We started off the second quarter at a blistering pace in both marketing and development.  However, I want to follow Rule #76 today, so I am not going to make any excuses for why this is late and just write like a champion. Also, we are...